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‘The Batman’ exceeds expectations

Christian Romero, Reporter May 27, 2022

After 26 Batman movies, six different actors, and 10 voice actors, a new Batman was finally announced. On May 31, 2019, Robert Pattinson was officially announced as the Batman. Shortly after in 2020, a...

How public opinion on video games movies has changed

How public opinion on video games movies has changed

Daesha Lizama, Reporter May 23, 2022

Film adaptations of video games have always had a stigma with fans of said video games. Whether it be a lack of originality or terrible screenplays and casting. Video game movies have always had a negative...

Us (2019)

Artsy horror films steal the spotlight

Kevin Casibang, Social Media Manager October 31, 2019

Indie films and underground studios are gaining notoriety, stealing Oscars from the big productions, pushing the boundaries of traditional films, and creating their own unique subgenres. Recently, their...

Best TV of 2018

Diego Jimenez, Web Editor-in-Chief March 26, 2019

Television is more unique and interesting than than ever. From shows on TV networks that continue to charm like Modern Family, to premium mini-series like HBO’s Sharp Objects, all the way to new streaming...

Review of “Mid90s”

Michael Mansour, Reporter March 26, 2019

Jonah Hill´s period piece, Mid90s, shows that he can be as good a writer and director as he is an actor. It follows the role of Stevie, a thirteen-year-old kid who would do anything to be seen as cool...

Netflix: The Funny, Loving, and Tearful

Kristen Hernandez, Editor November 2, 2018

Welcome to my Netflix movie recommendation series, where my recommendations won’t affect you in any way! But hey, trust me, I won't steer you wrong. Want a movie that will get you to laugh so hard...

2018 Palm Springs International Film Festival

2018 Palm Springs International Film Festival

Thao Nguyen, Assistant Editor February 17, 2018

From Jan. 2-16, the Palm Springs International Film Festival came back for its 29th year and showcased a culturally diverse program from more than 60 countries. These films represent the best in international...



Amanda Wilkerson, Reporter February 16, 2018

“Ayla,” a Turkish film directed by Can Uklay, tells the true story of a Turkish man during the Korean War and how he saved a little girl named Ayla. Sergeant Süleyman and his friend Ali were sent...

Love and Shukla

“Love and Shukla”

Emily Martinez and Brianna Lucrecio February 16, 2018

Directed by Siddharth Jatla, “Love and Shukla” follows a newly-wed couple in modern India and the obstacles they face as they figure out their strained arranged marriage. Shukla comes from an...

Her Love Boils Bathwater

“Her Love Boils Bathwater”

Juan Puga and Katie Arias February 16, 2018

“Her Love Boils Bathwater” (“Yu o Wakasu Hodo no Atsui Ai”) is a Japanese comedy-drama film directed and written by Ryota Nakano. The film was a contender for a Best Foreign Language Oscar, but...

The Divine Order

“The Divine Order”

Thao Nguyen and Mlen Azurin February 16, 2018

Struggles come with every movement -- and those who are involved face external and internal conflicts, such as trying to successfully reshape the collective, but then possibly losing themselves along the...

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