Best TV of 2018

Diego Jimenez, Reporter

March 26, 2019

Television is more unique and interesting than than ever. From shows on TV networks that continue to charm like Modern Family, to premium mini-series like HBO’s Sharp Objects, all the way to new streaming shows like Amazon Prime Video...

Review of “Mid90s”

Michael Mansour, Reporter

March 26, 2019

Jonah Hill´s period piece, Mid90s, shows that he can be as good a writer and director as he is an actor. It follows the role of Stevie, a thirteen-year-old kid who would do anything to be seen as cool in the eyes of the skaters he admires. ...

Netflix: The Funny, Loving, and Tearful

Kristen Hernandez, Art Editor

November 2, 2018

Welcome to my Netflix movie recommendation series, where my recommendations won’t affect you in any way! But hey, trust me, I won't steer you wrong. Want a movie that will get you to laugh so hard that your stomach hurts? Ac...

“Love and Shukla”

February 16, 2018

“The Divine Order”

February 16, 2018

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