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Albums by popular artists in different decades.

Music through the decades

Alexus Hernandez, Reporter May 31, 2022

Over the years, music would change drastically due to better technology, and how music is being created and written, and new artists changing what people are into.  There are dramatic changes when you...

Mays Whats Up With?

May’s What’s Up With?

Lexi Noguera, Editor-in-Chief May 24, 2022

What’s up with Chris Rock actually getting rocked at the Oscars? What’s up with Robert Pattinson’s “Twilight” sequel? Did we forget that vampires really do turn into bats? What’s...

How public opinion on video games movies has changed

How public opinion on video games movies has changed

Daesha Lizama, Reporter May 23, 2022

Film adaptations of video games have always had a stigma with fans of said video games. Whether it be a lack of originality or terrible screenplays and casting. Video game movies have always had a negative...

Happy Tea Cafe is a new bubble tea shop on Hwy 111.

New local bubble tea shop opens in LQ: Happy Tea Cafe

Rebecca Salinas, Reporter May 17, 2022

Bubble tea is a popular beverage nowadays enjoyed by people around the world — and lately, around the high school community.  In La Quinta, a new bubble tea shop "Happy Tea Cafe'' has arrived on...

La Quinta is poised to shred some serious air at a gigantic skatepark. 

An opportunity for LQHS’ skate club to shine

Travis Gerald, Reporter March 22, 2022

La Quinta is poised to shred some serious air at a gigantic skatepark.  The city’s forthcoming X-Park is set to be a gnarly spot (that’s a good thing in skater slang) for extreme sports enthusiasts...

From left to right: Layla Freiberg and Miranda Muir, the 2021-2022 Hawkview co-editors-in-chief

2021-2022 Hawkview editors-in-chief say hello

Miranda Muir and Layla Freiberg December 16, 2021

We are Miranda Muir and Layla Freiberg, your Hawkview co-editors-in-chief for the 2021-2022 school year. The Hawkview is La Quinta High’s student-run newspaper dedicated to amplifying local voices and...

Coachella 2022 headliner predictions

Coachella 2022 headliner predictions

Daniel Leon, Guest Writer December 16, 2021

Hello, my fellow music festival fans! It is I, Mr. Daniel Leon, with another article about who is going to headline Coachella. In my last column, back in April, I went over artists that could have headlined...

The back of student and staff IDs provides hotlines for support.

Local therapist shares tips for strengthening mental health and wellbeing

Nevaeh Perla, Guest Writer May 18, 2021

This is the second story of an opinion series on mental health by guest writer, Nevaeh Perla. Read the introductory essay here.  Mental health has become a huge part of our everyday society. I spoke...

Passion project aims to educate peers on mental health

Passion project aims to educate peers on mental health

Neveah Perla, Guest Writer May 3, 2021

Hi, my name is Nevaeh Perla, and I am a freshman in Ms. Cortez’s English I Honors class. I am currently working on my passion project and my goal is to spread awareness about mental health. I plan to...

Coachella 2021 predictions

Coachella 2021 predictions

Daniel Leon, Guest Writer April 19, 2021

With the Coachella weekends originally planned for around this time, one can't help but wonder who would have headlined Coachella 2021. Looking at the trend of an ever-changing musical landscape from year...

See you IRL

See you IRL

Gavin Rodriguez, Science Editor April 13, 2021

In December 2020, I deleted Instagram from my phone. Again.  But this time was different. This time, I didn’t just delete the app: I deleted my whole account, for good.  In all honesty, I think...

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