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Recognizing the 50th anniversary of Title IX and its impact

Recognizing the 50th anniversary of Title IX and its impact

Leilani Cruz and Amaya De Lara June 23, 2022

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Title IX. Title IX is a bill that passed in the United States in 1972 that stated women would be allowed to participate in all sports and activities being offered...

Long-term substitute makes long-term impact

Long-term substitute makes long-term impact

Enrique Beltran, Reporter June 3, 2022

Jesus Adan is a new staff member at La Quinta High School. Adan is also head coach for the junior varsity football team at La Quinta. Adan is a long-term substitute for Maxine Glazer.  Adan said he...

Meacham breaks down politics through heartfelt speech

Meacham breaks down politics through heartfelt speech

Alexa Galvez, Arts and Entertainment Editor June 1, 2022

On Feb. 24, students from different high schools had the opportunity to listen to Jon Meacham speak at Desert Town Hall.  Jon Meacham is a historian and former politician, whose voice is authoritative...

Kaitlin Gannaway 22 uses her laptop in class.

How has social media changed?

Miranda Muir, Editor-in-Chief June 1, 2022

Social isolation and quarantine brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic left many searching for ways to spend their time alone, while staying connected to the world around them. The internet, and by extension,...

Viviana Sanchez is the long-term sub for math while Yoo is out on maternity leave.

From student-teacher to long-term sub: Viviana Sanchez is on her way

Mildred Flores, Reporter May 31, 2022

Imagine the stress of being responsible for five classes as a new student-teacher. Viviana Sanchez is a long-term math substitute for Josephine Yoo, who has been on maternity leave since February....

Rahsaan Diaz looks on.

Rahsaan Diaz shares his recollection of 9/11

Andrea Barrera, Reporter May 31, 2022

It’s been two decades since the Sept. 11 attacks known as 9/11, that killed many people in New York City. Rahsaan Diaz, a Public Service Academy teacher, shares his recollection on the happenings of...

Emma Dangleis 22 is one of the juniors graduating with the Class of 2022.

Perseverance prepares two juniors to graduate with the Class of 2022

Lilli Koch, Reporter May 28, 2022

As the 2022 school year comes to an end, seniors are growing antsy for graduation, especially those who are on the path to graduating early: Antanina Larchey and Emma Dangleis.  La Quinta High School,...

Humans of LQHS: Nina McGuane aims to be the best version of herself

Humans of LQHS: Nina McGuane aims to be the ‘best version’ of herself

Sophia Sohn, Assistant Features Editor May 28, 2022

It’s a cool October night, and the auditorium is a full house. People are packed in the seats and reporters on the side, their cameras snapping away. Three singers gather on the stage together as they...

Honor guard is a special division of the AFJROTC Academy. Here, they are preparing to present the U.S. flag at Marine Corporal Hunter Lopezs procession in Sept. 2021.

Honor Guard: ‘The faces’ of AFJROTC

Joy Bridges, Reporter May 25, 2022

There is no doubt you have seen the honor guard on campus. Whether it's at football games, at Hunter Lopez’s procession, the Homecoming parade, or school rallies, they are there.  What is the process?...

Ruby Rivas holds up a passion sign.

What does passion look like at LQHS?

Leila Terrazas, Reporter May 24, 2022

Passion is strong and a barely controllable emotion. For students and teachers at La Quinta High School, it means many things ranging from sports, grades, and hobbies. Schooling and family is a passion...

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