“Love and Shukla”

Directed by Siddharth Jatla, “Love and Shukla” follows a newly-wed couple in modern India and the obstacles they face as they figure out their strained arranged marriage.

Shukla comes from an Orthodox Brahmin family and is a rickshaw driver who has no knowledge of women other than the ones he sees on television. The movie begins with Shukla in a rickshaw that is covered with hundreds of photos of Sonakshi Sinha, a Bollywood star.

Despite his obsession with Sinha, Shukla later marries a shy woman named Lakshmi and is immediately interested in her despite him finding it difficult to hold a conversation. Their struggles continue during their marriage. While Shukla repeatedly tries to find a way to bond with Lakshmi, their efforts are disrupted by his family.

In this Indian household, the wife lives with relatives of the husband and there is no space for privacy. Lakshmi is treated as a servant for her husband’s family: Shukla’s mother and sister boss her around, deeply upsetting Shukla as his family fails to provide the couple personal space.  

This movie is recommended for mature audiences, as it contains explicit language and scenes. Overall, “Love and Shukla” shows an aspect of Indian culture and the daily lives of people who live in a third world country. The moral of the story is patience because of the love Shukla has for his new wife, as he works toward making her happy and waiting until she is comfortable enough to speak with him in order to genuinely make a connection.

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