Anahi Vazquez is a first-year P.E. teacher at La Quinta High School.

Anahi Vazquez reflects on her first teaching position

Rebecca Salinas, Reporter February 8, 2022

Anahi Vazquez is a first-year P.E. teacher at La Quinta High School. It’s her first teaching position.  Vazquez was inspired to work here because it fits the qualities she wanted in a job.   “I...

Brianna Luna is the varsity softball coach and physical education teacher at La Quinta High.

Brianna Luna shares her heart, faith and energy at LQHS

Destiny Penalber, Assistant Sports Editor February 7, 2022

Brianna Luna is a P.E. teacher and the varsity softball coach for La Quinta High School.  She attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help from kindergarten to eighth grade. She then made her way to LQHS, where...

Paul Collins in his favorite spot on campus: the forensics lab of the PSA buildings where he used to teach.

Paul Collins: The “best teacher” at LQHS

Mildred Flores, Reporter February 7, 2022

Paul Collins is an English teacher at La Quinta High School and has been working as a teacher for 27 years. He has been teaching at LQHS since 1999: for 22 years. Since he’s been at La Quinta, things...

Celebrating Celeste Strege: the beloved backbone of the high school

Celebrating Celeste Strege: the beloved backbone of the high school

Raisa Vianey Guerrero Cardenas, Reporter February 4, 2022

It’s 9 a.m. and Celeste Strege has four teachers who are out that day. Her job is to find substitutes for each class that have no supervision for the students. To make matters worse, she had to work...

English Language Development and AVID teacher Jacqueline Esquivel.

La Quinta High welcomes back Jacqueline Esquivel

Katherine Carrera, Assistant A&E Editor February 1, 2022

She’s sitting at her desk typing away as her students who stayed during lunch are playing hangman on a whiteboard that stands in a corner of the room. Her classroom, filled with color and posters, looks...

Jason Su teaching his fifth period Math lll CP class.

Jason Su: Guitar player, video gamer and mathematician

Lexi Noguera, Editor-in-Chief January 28, 2022

La Quinta High School has welcomed a new math teacher and he’s prepared to experience his first year of educating high school students. Jason Su was excited to begin a new fresh start at LQHS after...

Stephanie Henderson is a new teacher at La Quinta High School.

Stephanie Henderson: From La Quinta High student to teacher

Julie Bazua, Reporter January 7, 2022

Early morning on Tuesday, Sept. 28, Stephanie Henderson is walking her class to the track to prep her students to run their weekly mile.  Some students go off on their own to stretch. They’re called...

Brandon Touhey is a new math teacher at LQHS.

Brandon Touhey pursuing “lightbulb moments” with his students

Amaya De Lara and Alexus Hernandez January 7, 2022

A tall man walks from one side of the class to another, occasionally stopping at groups of students who need help and then to talk to the whole class. Most of the time, he allows the students to work together...

Tracey Martin, new history and ethnic studies teacher at La Quinta High.

Tracey Martin: “Digging deeper” into history at LQHS

Eden Gorges, Assistant Features Editor January 5, 2022

As students arrive at Tracey Martin's second period world history class on a September morning, they’re hit with the bitter blast of the vents.  The classroom lights are off, the only thing providing...

Alfonso Olachea is the newest counselor at La Quinta High School.

New counselor seeks a new opportunity at LQHS

Lilli Koch, Reporter January 5, 2022

Counselors at La Quinta High School welcomed a new member to their department a few weeks into the school year.  In late August, Alfonso Olachea transferred to LQHS' counseling department from Desert...

Joshua Sessa, who teaches U.S History and psychology, attends to a student.

The impact of the pandemic on teachers’ mental health

Alexa Galvez, Arts and Entertainment Editor January 4, 2022

The new school year proved to continue to be demanding for both teachers and students at La Quinta High School. However, the spotlight on teachers and how they are doing has been unclear because the focus...

Jacqueline Ptak has taught at La Quinta High School for nearly 25 years.

Jacqueline Ptak: Thoughtful, understanding, Blackhawk Legend

Dominick Lopez, Reporter January 3, 2022

She’s met new teachers, she’s seen teachers leave, and has seen the school evolve.  “It was the happiest day of my life,” said Jacqueline Ptak of the day she was offered a job as an English...

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