Long-term substitute makes long-term impact

Jesus Adan is a new staff member at La Quinta High School. Adan is also head coach for the junior varsity football team at La Quinta. Adan is a long-term substitute for Maxine Glazer. 

Adan said he can call the state of Oregon home because he was born in Oregon. 

Adan has taught many subjects in his years of teaching. The subjects he taught and is currently teaching include PE and English. He has also taught as a migrant tutor. 

“I find them to be crucial subjects that every student should know and it helps students be taken seriously,” he said. 

Adan didn’t only teach at LQHS, he also taught at CVHS (Coachella Valley High School) and at JGMS (John Glenn Middle School). Adan decided to start working at LQHS when he was offered the head coach position for the JV football team.

Adan said he likes everything about LQHS so far and that he loves his student-athletes. 

“I believe they have a lot of opportunity and potential with athletics,” said Adan. 

Adan said he became the head JV coach because he coached for CVHS for five years and when the position presented itself he was asked by Dave Gurbada (former JV coach) if he would want to be head coach Adan took the job.

My philosophy is to shape and mold the minds of the youth to become respectable and kinder human beings.

— Jesus Adan

He chose to teach students and coach sports because he wanted to teach his students to be kind and respectful.

“When I coached my sons, I noticed that there were a lot of student athletes falling through the cracks without anyone noticing and I felt I needed to make a change,” he said. 

Adan said, “Students were falling through the cracks because they would not get enough attention because they did not have the talent or athleticism and no one would pay attention to them and they would be disregarded as athletes. A lot of the time kids just want to be apart of something.”

Adan enjoys his job because he is able to make a difference in the minds of the youth and he gets to make a positive influence on the students lives and he gets to be well with the youth. 

Adan graduated from Palm Desert High School in 1988 and he graduated from Cal State San Bernardino after studying psychology. 

Adan said he was an okay student in his high school years. He believes that he was an okay student because he had many challenges as a first-generation Mexican American. 

Adan said, “As an English learner it was hard to understand instructions I had to really understand what the definition of particular words were and since there was broken english at home it transferred over to school”. 

An unusual thing about Adan is his ability to connect with his students because he builds bonds with students that other teachers don’t have with students. 

Adan said, “I like to say I’m a man of many traits, but a master at none.” 

His hobbies consist of cutting hair, creating art, being an audio visual specialist, being a personal trainer, and being a coach. Adan is also a former boxer. 

Adan said something interesting he’s done is go skydiving in Las Vegas. Adan likes to travel a lot and explore new cultures and create new experiences. Adan believes that family is always first and even though you don’t get to choose your family you have the ability to choose if you want to create your own family or not. 

Aiden Nsubuga ’25 a team member of the junior varsity and varsity football team said, “Coach Adan is a good coach, he coached for a very long time and he was there for all the players and he held us accountable for our actions and disciplined us and made sure we went on the right path.” 

Nsubuga also said, “Throughout this season he did a good job for his first year at LQ as head coach and he has a lot of discipline and he can work with you at your lowest and he can give you the most”.

Nsubuga said, “During the football season he helped me become a leader and he’s given me the ability to look through everyone else and to discipline and become a better sports player”.

Tito Moya ‘25 a team member on the Junior Varsity football team said “I think that he wants every student to succeed I also think that he is willing to help people with anything”. 

Moya also said “I think he did good for his first time of coaching football here at La Quinta High School and he had a very good group of players also I like that he cares a lot about each and every student and athlete he works with”.

Moya then said “Coach Adan would help his players to raise their grades so they would be able to play in games and he cares for students because he wants the best for every single student and he is willing to be helpful and help you with anything you need help with”.