The Enough Is Enough Protest in the summer of 2020. Photo courtesy of @youngjusticeadvocates; Design by Miranda Muir

Young Justice Advocates inspires a generation to take a stand against racial injustice

Miranda Muir, Editor-in-Chief April 13, 2021

The day is June 6, 2020.  It is warm, as hundreds of people are gathered at Ruth Hardy Park in Palm Springs carrying signs, wearing “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts, and following a group of high...

Susan Finch after receiving her first dose of Modernas COVID-19 vaccine in mid-January. 

Photo courtesy of Susan Finch; design by Kennedy Garman

Blackhawk teachers reflect on receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

Kennedy Garman, Multimedia Editor April 12, 2021

In mid-January 2021, educators from Riverside County became eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Since then, many have had their chance to line up outside the nearest Riverside County vaccine clinic:...

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Hernandez; Design By Kaitlyn Magallon

Graduating seniors share most important advice to underclassmen

Kaitlyn Magallon, Multimedia Editor April 12, 2021

As a freshman, it can be exciting to begin a new journey. Adapting to a new environment may be difficult for some, or it can be easy.  By now, seniors know what high school can be like as a freshman,...

Blackhawk perspectives after a year into distance learning

Blackhawk perspectives after a year into distance learning

Zoey Batres, A&E Editor March 26, 2021

On Dec. 31, 2019, the first case of COVID-19 was announced in Wuhan, China. A few weeks later, a Washington state man was identified as the first COVID-19 death in the United States.   Soon after,...

Humans of LQHS: Brian Vargas puts his loved ones first

Humans of LQHS: Brian Vargas puts his loved ones first

Unica Carrizoza Lawson, Managing Editor March 20, 2021

On this particular Thursday afternoon, the sky is glowing. Brian Vargas ‘21 drives through the desert, under the pink and orange sky, to pick up his friends for their weekly physical training.  Vargas...

La Quinta High School in 2017.

Reflecting on the lessons learned after a year into the COVID-19 pandemic

Lexi Noguera, Editor-in-Chief March 12, 2021

It was arguably one of the most memorable rainy days in the Coachella Valley, the last Friday of the school year: March 13, 2020.  It was the start of an unexpected pandemic that the entire world had...

Photo courtesy of Meredith Wheeler; Design by Lexi Noguera

Humans of LQHS: Meredith Wheeler’s journey to becoming an English teacher

Lexi Noguera, Editor-in-Chief March 11, 2021

Meredith Wheeler’s start in teaching was not without its challenges. While attending community college, she was a single mother raising her two kids.  She feels it was a hard time; but as she grew...

Humans Of LQHS: Despite an overflowing plate, Mariella Ulloa continues to push herself to success

Humans Of LQHS: Despite an overflowing plate, Mariella Ulloa continues to push herself to success

Gavin Rodriguez, Science Editor March 9, 2021

It's a late June night and the wind is blowing through her hair as she sticks her head out of the car window. Driving down a scenic route in Mexico, Spanish rock is blasting and Mariella Ulloa ‘21...

Photo courtesy of Jacob Lind; Design by Avery Webb

Humans of LQHS: Jacob Lind finds joy and comfort in creative pursuits

Avery Webb, Editor-in-Chief March 4, 2021

When asked where he finds joy in his life, Jacob Lind ‘23 had only one thing to say. “Bed.”  Why? “Bed comfy.” Lind is a sophomore at La Quinta High School and a student in the Medical...

Photo courtesy of Avery Torres; Designed by Diego Meza

Humans of LQHS: Avery Torres’ reflection sparks a road to self-discovery

Diego Meza, Reporter March 2, 2021

As the bell rang throughout the first day of the 2018-2019 school year, Avery Torres ‘21 dreadfully walked in the summer heat from class to class—that was, until the start of fifth period.  Curious...

Humans of LQHS: Kaili Timberlake and the glass-half-full

Humans of LQHS: Kaili Timberlake and the glass-half-full

Trey Timberlake, Reporter February 23, 2021

It was Tuesday morning, March 13. The day was sunny and warm, the sky suffused with the fluffiest of clouds, yet an eerie feeling lingered throughout the day. Kaili Timberlake ‘24 walked with...

Humans of LQHS: Michael Barsoumians perspective of life during the pandemic

Humans of LQHS: Michael Barsoumian’s perspective of life during the pandemic

Christian Romero, Reporter February 18, 2021

Getting kicked out of class. Internet shutting off. Being automatically sorted into groups with strangers. Not being able to hear the teacher speak. Signing in using a Google Form. That weird feeling of...

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