Advice to Future Adventurers

Kevin Ayala, Reporter December 12, 2017

Joshua Tree National Park had a special free entry day on Nov. 10. Some of my friends and I took it upon ourselves to capitalize on that fact to plan a trip. It was originally meant to be an overnight...

A National Park In Your Own Backyard

Bailey Franklin, Editor-in-Chief December 12, 2017

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the 58 national parks run by the National Park Service. Their goal is to preserve the ecological and historical integrity while allowing the public to appreciate and...

Ace High Goes All In

Ace High Goes All In

Austin Romero, Reporter December 12, 2017

David Viefhaus ‘18 is the creative mind behind Ace High, a new clothing brand that has been making its way around La Quinta High. In poker terms, ace-high is a hand with the highest ranking card...

Recognizing Concussions in Student-Athletes

Recognizing Concussions in Student-Athletes

Brysenia Miranda and Steven Poole November 10, 2017

Mlen Azurin/ Hawkview   In a recent study released this summer from Yale, there would be 49,600 fewer injuries among college male athletes per year and 601,900 among high school male athletes...

A Taste of Autumn

Attiana Villalobos, Editor November 3, 2017

For this holiday season, I want to share a recipe on how to capture all the fall flavors with a sweet potato casserole. My family makes this dish during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  When I was...

Inktober 2017

Mlen Azurin, Art Editor October 12, 2017

Thank you to the artists from LQHS who submitted illustrations for Inktober 2017. Stay creative! WHAT IS INKTOBER? Inktober is an annual initiative to challenge artists to create something new...

Hawkview Logo Design Contest

Hawkview Logo Design Contest

Hawkview Staff September 29, 2017

CONTEST CLOSED: Congratulations, Kristen Hernandez! Read about Hernandez in a story written by Thao Nguyen: "Hernandez Heightens the Hawkview." It’s true, the Hawkview is finally joining the 21st...

Senior Advice to Freshmen

Bailey Franklin, Editor-in-Chief September 28, 2017

“Join cross country and track for an awesome experience. That’s all.” – Parker Wallace “Associate yourself with really good people. It's your ninth grade year: get excited and get hyped...

A Farewell to LQ’s Staff

September 28, 2017

As La Quinta High adjusts to a new school year, some staff members have moved on from the nest; but things are not so grey, as they are loving their new chapters.

The Legend Is Here

The Legend Is Here

Jessica Porrelli , News Editor September 28, 2017

At the head of the 2017-2018 school year, Mr. Ron Dohrman began his twentieth year of teaching at La Quinta High School. Throughout his tenure, Dohrman has taught PSA English for sophomores and juniors. Prior...

Going Rustic and Finding Myself in Fiji

Going Rustic and Finding Myself in Fiji

Thao Nguyen, Assistant Editor September 28, 2017

I welcomed the summer of 2017 by leaving the United States for the first time ever as I traveled 5,630 miles away from home. On June 20, I got on a plane with over 60 complete strangers as we prepared...

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