Humans of LQHS: Jacob Lind finds joy and comfort in creative pursuits

When asked where he finds joy in his life, Jacob Lind ‘23 had only one thing to say.


Why? “Bed comfy.”

Lind is a sophomore at La Quinta High School and a student in the Medical Health Academy program. He hopes to later get a job in the medical field. He is outgoing and loves making people laugh. 

During his free time, he plays games, talks to friends, and, of course, sleeps. 

Yet he also finds joy in his creative pursuits.

Recently, he rediscovered his love for drawing: he draws art on paper, and occasionally creates pixel art digitally. 

His traditional drawings—which are done with pencil, ink, and brush pens to color—focus on creatures reminiscent of artists like Trevor Henderson, who is the creator of Siren Head. He is also inspired by the stories from SCP Foundation, a web-based collaborative-fiction project. 

Recently, he has been focusing on his own original character called Merchant—a faceless, but harmless being who goes door-to-door selling various wares. 

Lind doesn’t enjoy drawing for any particular reason. “I just have fun doing it,” he said. 

Another hobby of his is gaming. 

“I like games because they can serve as an escape,” he said. “Real life sucks right now, but games can take you on an adventure right from your home.” 

He likes many genres, but his favorites are story-driven role-playing games such as “Persona 5,” and more open sandbox games such as “Minecraft” and “Terraria.” All three have immersive settings that add depth to the gameplay.

“Games are also a good form of storytelling,” Lind said. “You can experience it instead of just watching or reading it.”

And while he keeps himself busy with his creative pursuits, Lind admits he misses school and seeing his friends every day.

“I even miss math class!” he said. 

One of the biggest things he was looking forward to this year was his Medical Health Academy classes, as hands-on learning digitally during distance learning takes a bit away from the experience. 

Though online school and current events are stressful and boring, there are still things to be happy about, he said: hobbies, the latest memes, a later school start time, and even just a comfy bed. 

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