“Ashland Falls” Backstage Pass

Since June, members of La Quinta High School’s theatre department have been working hard on this year’s fall production, “Ashland Falls,” which will premiere on Oct. 12. The story of “Ashland Falls” is one that will keep the audience guessing.

“It’s a play within a play in the beginning and the ending is something that the audience won’t suspect,” said theatre teacher and director, Ms. Weiss. “It’s a really interesting story and that’s why I chose it.”

“In each act, the actors play a different character, which makes this play both unique and hard,” said Zoe Hammons (12), who plays the character of Laura.

Since the characters in the production play off of each other, the actors are not only dependant on their own work, but the work of others.

“It’s hard to connect to my character when the other actors cannot connect to theirs. In order for these characters to come alive, we need to bounce off of each other,” said Tori Montez (12), who plays Morgan.

It is an ongoing struggle for actors to know who their character is and their character’s relationship to others, while getting their lines perfect.

“Some of the characters are really lovable and the audience will care about them and what happens to them and some of them are just not nice people and the audience is not going to like them; which, if that’s the case, means the actor did their job well,” said Weiss.  The cast rehearses during the week and on Saturdays, working hard on making this production worth seeing.

Weiss added, “I am certainly hoping that we will have a really good turnout for the show. If people don’t come, they’re going to miss out on a good evening or afternoon show.”