Coachella 2018: A Final Goodbye

That’s a wrap on Coachella 2018. Whether you attended or not, I’m sure you have caught up on everything that went on this year by living vicariously through your friends’ 200-second Snapchat stories, with highlights from Beyonce’s killer performance to the yodeling boy coming out multiple times. If you were there for Insta pics, fashion, or to actually enjoy the music, I’m sure that we can all agree that these two weekends of Coachella are the best things in the valley since sliced bread.

If you’re like me, you’re probably still trying to get over your Coachella flu to this day. Yes, I know Coachella was almost a month ago. Do you think I am willingly being sick?! This year consisted of WAAAAY more people, WAAAY more artists and WAAAY more fun!
From the rainbow-colored structure to the huge sculpture everyone seemed to be referring to as a robot, the art this year may not have lived up to our expectations, but it definitely made for cute photo ops.

This year, Coachella seemed to have invested more into the culinary experience. The newest addition, The Indio Food Market, was a great boujee place to spend $20 on wings, hot dogs, and ramen. There was even a boba stand! The infamous Shake Shack even made an appearance. Whether you went to Coachella to experience the fun and music or to simply be able to say you have been to Coachella, the post-Coachella depression has surely hit.

A simple remedy is to simply take a scroll through our Instagram feed to see pictures from people who seem to never stop sharing Coachella pictures or take a journey through your Snapchat memories and watch all your videos. The countdown for Coachella 2019 has now begun!

The Weeknd

Thao Nguyen, Assistant Editor

On April 20, Coachella’s Friday headliner, The Weeknd, closed the night out with his reigning sad boy vibes. All types of fans crowded under the main stage to see the performer as he opened up with “Pray For Me” from the “Black Panther” soundtrack. To everyone’s disappointment, The Weeknd did not bring out Kendrick Lamar, keeping his performance similar to Coachella’s first weekend....

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