New counselor seeks a new opportunity at LQHS


Alfonso Olachea is the newest counselor at La Quinta High School.

Counselors at La Quinta High School welcomed a new member to their department a few weeks into the school year. 

In late August, Alfonso Olachea transferred to LQHS’ counseling department from Desert Ridge Academy. 

Although he loves his job and its ups and downs, being a counselor wasn’t what Olachea had always dreamed of being when he was young. 

“As a child, I always wanted to become an architect or a concert pianist,” he said.

He kept up his dream of becoming an architect by taking a mechanical engineering class in high school. 

That didn’t last forever, though, and as his first change in career paths, Olachea ended up at UC Riverside as a pre-business major.

With an almost complete final year of undergrad, Olachea changed directions once again. 

“I knew I wanted to support students and connect with my community, and that’s when I realized I could do that as a school counselor,” he said.

During his first job as a counselor at Pittsburg High School, he gained experience with teenagers as well as their cultures. He was able to give support to families in need. 

“I got to experience working with students and families ensuring everything was in place for them to graduate,” Olachea said.

After four years at DRA, Olachea decided to take his chances at a new school after a summer completing basic combat training for the California Army National Guard. 

“When I saw an opportunity here at LQHS, I decided to give myself a shot and apply,” he said.