Humans of LQHS: Gabriel Baily hopes for life to get back to normal


Leonardo Flores

Gabriel Baily poses for a photo during the second week of the hybrid learning model at La Quinta High School.

It is Thursday, March 12, 2020: it is a rainy and cold day, Gabriel Baily ‘24 is carrying out his normal day going from class to class, then going to lunch, and finally finishing up his classes.

After school, he meets up with his friends in the pouring rain at a nearby park—where most of the students from John Glenn Middle School met up. 

Baily watched as the park filled up with water, almost creating a little lake.

After about an hour passed, Baily carpooled to his best friend’s house, where he spent most of his afternoons. That night, his mom decided he would not be going to school the next day due to the virus known as COVID-19.

The next day, the school confirmed that they would be closed for two weeks to avoid spreading the virus.

The rest of the school year was eventually canceled, and so were summer plans. 

March 12 became the last day of middle school for Baily—and for many of his eighth-grade peers. 

Cut to starting his ninth-grade year at La Quinta High School via Zoom. It’s his freshman year and it’s nearly the end of his first semester, around mid-November. It’s the day before students take their weeklong Thanksgiving break, Nov. 19—Baily’s 15th birthday. 

He spent it inside, at home, attending online school via Zoom.

Even though he is now in high school, Baily and many other freshmen have yet to set foot on school grounds due to the pandemic.

Nowadays, Baily spends most of his time on Zoom for school and some time with his parents.

Despite it all, Baily is hopeful for the future and hopes things can get better for everyone.

“[I want] to go back to life as normal as possible,” he said.

He strives to keep good grades and to stay healthy, though he’s been having a slightly hard time on Zoom with his online classes. 

“I’m pretty extroverted, so it kind of sucks not being able to see people in person,” Baily said. “Yeah, I can do it online obviously, but it’s just, it’s not the same.”

After high school, Baily hopes to get into a good college and get a good job. Although he doesn’t know what college he wants to attend or what he wants to study, he is still hopeful.

Since March, Baily has been attending the hybrid learning model. 

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