Humans of LQHS: Alyssa Lara reminisces about family reunions and her ‘karaoking’ 80-year-old great aunt


Photo courtesy of Alyssa Lara; Design by Melissa Camarena

“The happiest moment would be seeing my family genuinely happy,” said Alyssa Lara ’22.

Alyssa Lara’s happiest moments of her life have taken place when she is with her family, younger brother, mom, and dad. They encourage her to keep on going and to never give up—especially when it comes to school.

Lara ’22 is a 16-year-old junior at La Quinta High School who always tries her best to help her family when they are in need. Not only does she bring them happiness when she’s around, but they return the favor and also do the same for her. 

“The happiest moment would be seeing my family genuinely happy and myself genuinely happy in tough moments when everything has passed,” she said, “and you just see a light, and you are happy and satisfied.” 

Lara’s favorite memory with her family has always been at her family reunion at her aunt’s house in March before the pandemic. 

At the reunion, there were about 50 people, including her uncles, aunts, and their kids. “We stayed up all night until 4 a.m. laughing because of the dumbest things,” she said. Her tíos were dancing and others were talking about memories of them as children.

It was a cold night, but they spent the reunion warmly inside of her aunt’s house remembering the family that they have lost, praying, and relishing some homemade Mexican food.

A highlight of that night was watching her great aunt, “about 80-ish years old, […] karaoking like a boss,” she said. “It was a really sweet moment.”  

There has not been another family gathering since. For now, they keep in touch through group chats.

Lara misses the “karaoking and the vibes” and one of her biggest wishes is to have another family reunion since one takes place every year.

“I don’t think it will happen next year,” she said. “But maybe we’ll do a Zoom or something.”

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