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Ariana Alvarez, Sports Editor

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Winter break is the best time to go out of town with your family, make holiday cookies, and watch movies…right? Not exactly the case when you’re an athlete. There’s no such thing as “sleeping in” because practice starts at 6am, good luck trying to go out of town when you need to be training for that DEL title!

However, my water polo team still tries to make the most of our break. It’s easy to have fun when your team is your family. The best part is when we get competitive with each other outside of the water, my team and I have an annual baking day. Last year, our task was to decorate holiday cookies. You can only imagine what it’s like to have a room full of girls who are claiming their gingerbread man is better than the other.

After making a mess with icing and cookie crumbs, we ended the day by going to Candy Cane Lane in Palm Desert. We accidentally may have ruined a few displays but we took a lot of cute pictures with dogs. Have you tried playing hide and seek at Candy Cane Lane? 10/10 recommend it! Even though I was unable to go out of town, being with people that always make me laugh made up for it.

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Ariana Alvarez, Sports Editor

Ariana Alvarez is a senior at LQHS and a reporter for the Hawkview. She plays water polo and swim and tries to stay involved in many clubs on campus. Those...

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