May’s What’s Up With?


Mlen Azurin/Hawkview

  • What’s up with Chris Rock actually getting rocked at the Oscars?
  • What’s up with Robert Pattinson’s “Twilight” sequel? Did we forget that vampires really do turn into bats?
  • What’s up with these gas prices being higher than my GPA?
  • What’s up with the Met Gala outfits this year? I guess the theme wasn’t MET? HAHA. Get it??? “Met.”
  • What’s up with Doja Cat bringing back Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza?? How long did she have to beg for that?
  • What’s up with COVID-19 never going away???? Ugh, I guess this is the new norm.
  • What’s up with Rihanna having a baby before putting out a new album?? I mean, congrats, but we’re dying out here. 
  • What’s up with people always spoiling movies? Guess what?? Barry Keoghan plays the Joker in “The Batman.” 
  • What’s up with Elon Musk planning to buy Twitter for forty-four BILLION dollars??? I got it for FREE on the App Store!
  • What’s up with Kim K. wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress at the Met Gala?? At least she didn’t sing “Happy Birthday!” 
  • What’s up with the Roe v. Wade case??? It’s no one’s business, but hers.
  • What’s up with the new Dr. Strange movie being scary??? I thought Marvel movies were kid-friendly.
  • What’s up with Harry Styles writing upbeat songs with traumatic lyrics for his fans to dance to?????
  • What’s up with the school year going by so fast? I swear, August was yesterday.

Additional commentary by Miranda Muir and Emily Nuñez.

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