Final exam tips

Final exam season calls for sleepless nights and cram sessions the day before the test. Finals week consists of weird schedules, stress, eyes-twitching from too much caffeine and being hopeful that the exams will not affect your grade and transcripts too much. Here are some tips to help make finals go a little more smoothly.

  1. Get a lot of sleep the day before the test. The more sleep you have, the more awake you are for the exams and the less likely you are to fall asleep during class.
  2. Do not pull an all-nighter. Although you may deem it necessary, doing so will affect your concentration during the exams and end up doing more harm than good.
  3. Form study groups. Having other people help you study will deepen your understanding of each subject. Ask questions and teach the other people in your group the material if need be. It is said that if you are able to teach another person the work, then you know the information. However, study groups might not be for everyone. If you work better alone, try to make flashcards or your own study guide of the material you need to review.
  4. Color code your notes and create concept maps. The different colors make your notes pop out and can help you remember the topics. Creating concept maps organizes your thoughts and material into an easy-to-read format.
  5. Eat breakfast before the test. Eat protein-enriched foods, such as eggs, yogurt, toast, or cereal. These foods will help keep you full and improve your concentration during the final.
  6. Turn off your phone while studying. Removing distractions will help you memorize the material better. Try turning on the “Do Not Disturb” mode as a guarantee of no distractions.
  7. Take breaks while studying. Studying for long periods at a time can be exhausting; treat yourself with a break and some snacks to keep yourself focused.
  8. Wear comfortable clothes. Being comfortable while testing will help you stay focused. Do not be too comfortable to the point of falling asleep though!
  9. Chewing gum while studying and while testing is said to help you remember material more. Although it is probably just a superstitious belief, it may help! Eating peppermints before the test also increases your awareness and alertness. Substitute water instead of coffee as drinking an abundance amount of coffee will eventually make you crash after a period of time.
  10. Do not give up! You can do it! You have made it this far. Take deep breaths and pace yourself. Try not to stress so much or you could actually drive yourself a little bit crazy.

Good luck on all of your finals! Study hard and take your time with each test. Remember that even if you do not get the grade you want, it does not define who you are and know that you can always improve.