Girls’ Basketball Recap

The LQHS girls’ basketball team lost their second home game of the season on Dec. 5 against Canyon Springs with a score of 38-73. The Lady Blackhawks were able to keep the score close throughout the first quarter, 13-14, but fell short — giving the Cougars a lead in the second quarter, 20-32.

Shooting guard Jessie Rios ‘18 got two technicals in the second quarter, which resulted in her having to be seated for the rest of the game. The first technical happened because Rios was trying to help up teammate Emma Svoboda ‘21, while players from the opposing team were still all over Svoboda even after the referee blew the whistle. “One of the girls shoved me and was laughing, so I pushed her back — but the referee only saw me,” Rios said.

The second technical resulted in Rios’ “bad sportsmanship” when she fouled one player and hit the wall in frustration. Rios added, “I felt like I let my team and my coaches down; I wanted to go back into the game, but it was too late for me to change the mistakes I had made.”

On Dec. 4, the girls’ basketball team took on the Lady Arabs at Coachella Valley High School. Though it was a competitive game, the Lady Blackhawks brought home a win of 49-36.