Malachi Murrell: Basketball star takes the next step


Leila Terrazas

Malachi Murrell

He went from watching his family succession in basketball to getting his own success in basketball as well. La Quinta High School senior Malachi Murrell committed early to play basketball for Cal Poly Pomona. 

In November, Murrell signed to play in Division II. He made it official with his family, teammates, and best friends attending the event. Nonetheless, the process of signing to a college took about two months.

“I got some looks from travel ball and one of the coaches contacted me and then he came to my house,” Murrell said.

Murrell said it felt good to sign and he is ready to be able to attack a new court.

“It was an amazing feeling,” he said. “It felt good knowing that coaches trusted me to play at the next level.”

Basketball is truly a passion to Murrell, starting from the moment he was at his family’s basketball games. Even his mentors have nurtured and encouraged Murrell’s career.

“I feel my biggest role model is my mom and she was always telling me things to do, things to work on to get better,” he said.

Murrell’s basketball journey was a long one, but for him, it was all worth it. In his sophomore year, he transferred from Shadow Hills High School to La Quinta High School. Murrell felt like he had more potential than others thought.

“I felt like I had something to prove because the people at Shadow [Hills] didn’t think I’d do much coming over here,” he said.

Due to Murrell’s dedication, he works out twice a day. He trains in the morning, and after school, then goes to practice. Amidst his hectic lifestyle, Murrell finds basketball as a stress reliever, and even enjoys watching Netflix in his free time.

“For me, it’s like a stress reliever. If I’m stressed, sad or anything, playing basketball helps me get out of the funk I’m in,” Murrell said.

There’s no end to Murrell’s career as it only goes higher and higher by the day with friends and family to help support his basketball life.