Top 10 Horror Movies For a Good Scare

Thea Spisz and Amanda Wilkerson

Halloween is the time to get spooky and scary and the best way to get into the spirit is by watching horror movies. Some people watch horror movies for the thrill of getting scared, while others are forced to watch it because their friend is too scared to watch them alone. Either way, here are the top 10 horror movies, ranging from slashers to demons and old to new, that will scare your pants off.

  1. The Shining

This 1980s thriller tells the story of a man named John Daniel Edward “Jack” Torrance; he is a writer in need of breaking his writer’s block (all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy). In attempts to get over his mental block, he becomes a caretaker at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado. He, his wife Wendy, and kid Danny, who is able to sense when something bad is about to happen, all move into the hotel. While John’s writer’s block does not diffuse, he begins to dwindle into psychotic homicidal tendencies dead set on hurting his family. The combination of the reciting of the Three Little Pigs and John hacking at the door is bound to keep you on the edge of your seats!

  1. Friday the 13th

The 2009 slasher movie takes place in the surrounding woods by Crystal Lake, where Jason Voorhees had drowned roughly 50 years earlier trying to prove to his bullies that he could he can swim. Since his death, he waits for teenagers and unknowing victims to come to the abandoned summer camp to murder them with his machete. Clay Miller is looking for his sister who had disappeared only weeks prior when she was out partying with her friends. He meets a group of college kids who came to Crystal Lake to party, but instead were given a memorable experience by the hockey-masked killer. Just makes you wanna go camping in abandoned summer camps, doesn’t it?

  1. Nightmare on Elm Street

This 1984 slasher is about four teenagers who are being haunted in their dreams by the disfigured murderer named Freddy Krueger, who actually ends up killing them in both dreams and reality. These teens suffer from sleep deprivation until it is inevitable and they are forced to endure the nightmares created by Freddy. All through this experience, the main character Nancy slowly figures out that she and her friend’s parents may have something to do with why they are being tormented. Who needs sleep anyway, am I right?

  1. Scream

The 1996 mystery/slasher film takes place in the quiet town of Woodsboro. The town was peaceful until two teens were brutally murdered by a mysteriously masked kill

er. This murderer enjoys taunting their victims with trivial questions on the phone, while wearing a Halloween costume. The murderer can be anyone, and the main character Sydney Prescott is unable to fully trust even those close to her. Is it her best friend? Her boyfriend? Her best friend’s boyfriend? The cop? Moral of the story: Don’t trust anyone. They can end up being a hash-slinging slasher without you even knowing. Go figure.

  1. Halloween

This 1978 slasher tells the story of Michael Myers and his brutal murders in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. The movie starts off with 6-year-old Myers, stabbing his older sister to death with a kitchen knife on Halloween night. He was locked up for 15 years and on October 30, 1978, while being transferred for a court date, he had stolen a car and escaped. The now 21-year-old had escaped Smith’s Grove and went back to his hometown. Back in Haddonfield, Myers begins to stalk Laurie Strode and her friends, then slowly starts to pick them off one by one until he gets to her. Maybe walking the streets at night on Halloween isn’t such a good idea… 

  1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The 1974 thriller is about main character Sally Hardesty, her brother, and three friends traveling to the Hardesty’s grandpa’s grave because there had been reports of vandalism. The group ends up visiting the Hardesty family estate afterward and then looking for a place to get gas. On the way, the group picks up a hitchhiker but they throw him out when they realize he is crazy. In the travels, the group splits up and the murderer, Leatherface, makes an appearance with his trusty chainsaw. Leatherface ends up killing each member of the group until he gets to Sally, who puts up a major fight. Protip: maybe next time a family grave is being tampered with, let the police deal with it.

  1. The Blair Witch Project

This 1999 psychological film tells the story of three film students, who traveled a quiet town to create a documentary about the local murderer, the Blair Witch. Footage from the group’s travels and their experience are recorded; they interviewed locals in the town and gathered information on the subject at hand. While looking for more evidence, the three get lost in the woods and begin to hear unsettling noises. In this sense and time period, rather than going and figuring things out for yourself, maybe use Google or a library next time.

  1. Ring

The 2002 thriller is about a seemingly urban legend: a tape with terrifying images that will lead to a phone call in which the viewer is told they only have seven days to live. Rachel Keller,(a news reporter), is curious and doubtful about said urban legend. That is until four teens die unexpectedly after watching the film. Curiosity got the best of Keller, and she tries to find the tape to watch it. After acquiring and watching it, she gets a phone call stating her now obvious future. Keller only has seven days to figure out a way to make her dreadful fate change. Curiosity killed the cat, but will satisfaction really bring it back?

  1. The Conjuring

This 2013 horror film is actually based on a true story. Taking place in 1970, paranormal investigators and demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, were asked to come to the home of Carolyn and Roger Perron because they, along with their five daughters, are experiencing supernatural phenomenons. Ed and Lorraine must gain evidence to present to the church, so that they are able to perform an exorcism and rid the house of the evil residing in it. In the process of gaining evidence, they figure out that a witch is tormenting the family and had possessed Carolyn. Both Ed and Lorraine must do everything in their power to help the Perron family and get rid of the witch. Bet they wish the real-estate agent mentioned the house came with a demon!

  1. The Exorcist

This 1973 horror movie is also based on true events. Young girl Regan and her mother had dabbled in using the Ouija board and that had led to the horrible possession of Regan. Although it was not seen as possession at first, her mother was trying to find medical help because Regan had begun to speak in languages she never knew and levitating. When being observed, the town priest begins to think Regan is possessed by the devil. Wanting to perform an exorcism, the church sends a professional and together they try to expel the devil from the girl’s body. It is definitely suggested to not play the Ouija board.

Illustrations by Mia Gonzalez/Hawkview