Blackhawks Saves Lives During Blood Drive

Diego Jimenez, Reporter

Lifestream was on campus November 29th and 30th collecting blood at the first blood drive of the year. What makes this drive special is that the blood collected will be staying in the Coachella Valley to help those in need at our local hospitals.

LQHS Medical Health Academy students worked alongside the Lifestream employees to create a safe and relaxing environment. When asked why she believes being a member of the blood drive team is so important, Aaliyah Ortiz (‘21) said, “I think being a hand-holder is important because it helps [donors] feel safe, and if anyone faints, we can catch them as quick as possible and move them to the mat. We took a lot of notes and [Lifestream] prepared us really well… I learned a lot from [the experience].”  

If anyone missed this blood drive, don’t worry! There are two other LQHS blood drives next semester, and Lifestream in La Quinta accepts blood donations any time of the year.