The LQHS Drama Department Makes a Big Statement with Little Women

Katie Arias, Photo Editor/ News Editor

On Nov. 14, the LQHS drama department gave a preview of their newest production Little Women. The play will be running at the LQHS theatre from Nov. 14 through the 17th, and will be showing every night at 6:30 p.m. Tickets for general admission are $10, students are $8, and seniors along with children under ten are $5.

This high school adaptation of Little Women follows the life of the March sisters, Joe (Josephine), Meg (Margaret), Beth, and Amy. The four sisters are left home alone while their father serves as Chaplin during the Civil War.

The strong valued eldest sister named Josephine, more commonly known as Joe, is played by Celeste Cruz ‘19. Joe is 15 and head of the household with her father gone. Joe is a character that holds strong feminist values and diminishes gender roles. Cruz’s strong portrayal of Joe March allows the audience to see the frustrations that women hold when society puts them into a box.

Meg, who is witty, observant, and light spoken, is played by Trinity Johnson ‘19. Johnson creates a light, funny tone throughout her portrayal and gained a couple laughs from the audience when her character Meg would make snide remarks about her sisters.

Beth is the third oldest and is played by Yessika Aguilar ‘19. Beth creates a leveled dynamic between the sisters and doesn’t cause much trouble for the family.

Amy, the youngest sister is played by Kaitlyn Stewart ‘19. Stewart brings Amy to life and is truly a joy to watch on stage. Despite Amy being selfish most of the time, complaining nonstop, and not being anything close to reliable, she creates a comedic relief in the drama.

The preview consisted of the play’s first five scenes and the rest is a mystery… although all will be revealed to the show’s attendees. In the words of Ms. Whise, “All the drama lies after scene five, so come to watch the show!” Little Women is a coming-of-age play filled with romance, family drama, and comedy. Support the LQHS drama department this weekend!