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Boy Scouts of America’s Latest Transition to Becoming Co-Ed

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Boy Scouts of America’s Latest Transition to Becoming Co-Ed

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As of May 2, the Boy Scouts of America are no longer called the Boy Scouts. They’ve changed their name to Scouts BSA (Boy Scouts of America).

This change comes after the decision to allow girls to enter the program for older teens, allowing them the ability to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, which they were not able to do previously. This is one of the latest steps that the BSA has taken to include girls in its ranks.

This latest change has inspired controversy over allowing girls to enter the program, despite the fact that they have their own program in the form of the Girl Scouts. The main arguments against the change reside in the added difficulty when camping with and teaching co-ed groups.

One main opponent of this change is the Girl Scouts of the USA, who argue that the Girl Scouts has always been there for girls, despite the Boy Scouts’ 100-year history of excluding them. Not only that, Girl Scouts already have programs dedicated to helping young women succeed in fields where they are not as prominently placed, like STEM fields.

The Girl Scouts will not be merging with the former Boy Scouts. Instead, they will continue to focus on issues faced by young women by encouraging civic engagement with their G.I.R.L (go-getter/ innovator/risk-taker/ leader) agenda, encouraging business skills through the Girl Scout Cookie Sales, and motivating young women through various STEM programs.

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