Winter Rally Makes Wishes Come True


On Feb. 2, La Quinta High School held the winter rally.

One of the main highlights was when the Dreams Come True club helped Shawna Brown ’21 by providing her with a new cell phone as hers was stolen. They also gifted Ms. Barrett, a paraeducator, a gift card to Good Feet, a store that offers good arch support to help muscle pain throughout the body, to help her get back on her feet.

Dreams Come True also supported Fabian Sanchez ’21 by giving him movie tickets and an In-N-Out gift card. They paid for senior packages for Carolina Garcia ’18 and Jessica Glotfelty ‘18. Dreams Come True also bought Mr. Lowell dinner and movie tickets, provided Juan Sanchez ‘18 with an Uber gift card, Franky Ruiz ‘18 with a senior trip, and gifted Abiel Hernandez ‘18 a new suit for competitions.

Planning for the rally began about a month in advance when Devin Doyle ’18 and Angie Soria ’18 started writing the script. The decor was designed by the decoration committee, headed by Viannet Villegas ’19, while the music was prepared by ASB president, Santiago Magaña ‘18.

Ms. Smith, ASB adviser, is always glad to get more students involved. Ideas come from anyone who is willing to get involved. “Student suggestions are always appreciated,” added Ms. Smith. After all, the purpose of a pep rally is to boost school spirit and spirit is shown through school involvement.