Seventh Annual Navy Seal Challenge Pushes Students’ Competitive Spirits


Courtesy of Coach Brian Ansley

7th annual LQHS Navy Seal Challenge finishers.

Juan Puga, Sports Editor

The seventh annual Navy Seal Challenge took place on Thursday, Nov. 2 from lunch through sixth period. Coach Ansley has overseen the event since its introduction to LQHS in 2011, alongside the previous weightlifting coach Mr. Flores. The inception of the challenge came from Ansley wanting LQ’s student-athletes to push themselves beyond their physical limitations to “challenge” themselves.

To qualify for participation in the Navy Seal Challenge, a test was administered at the pool during lunch, to see if the student-athletes were capable of swimming 500 yards in at least 12 minutes and 30 seconds, complete 50 to 80 push-ups, as well as 6 to 15 pull-ups. The contestants completed a demanding series of physical activities, similar to that of the Navy SEAL Fitness Test, altered to better suit student-athletes.

The contestants began with the swimming portion of the challenge, racing to see who would finish the ten laps in the fastest time. The first student to complete was Aiden Barlow ‘19, followed close behind by Alex Keuneman ‘19.

Shortly after the swimming portion of the exam, the boys and girls were separated to partake in the pushup/ pull-up section of the challenge. In the 1.5 mile run, Barlow finished in the lead again, with Francine Ansley ‘19, the all-time ranking female participant of the challenge, finishing right behind. “It was a grueling workout but my competitive spirit kept me going against the pain,” said Barlow.