Can’t bring back the past? Of course we can

Scenes from a Roaring Twenties prom for the Class of 2022

The timeless 1920s era of “The Great Gatsby,” flappers and sequins were the focal point for La Quinta High’s prom in May—the first since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While there was a senior formal in 2021, this year’s prom was a true return to form for many high schools around the Coachella Valley.

Walking into the Renaissance Esmeralda, the decor of the hotel ballroom was seamless with this year’s theme: fitting for a period of social and political change.

Throughout the night, more and more high school students circulated the ballroom and were met with an eclectic selection of things to do, a never-ending French fry buffet, a set of two ginormous projectors loaded with vintage video games, a photobooth, and of course, in the center of it all, a slightly too small dance floor filled to the brim with balloons, neon lights and a weird sense of catharsis.

Of course, it wouldn’t be prom without its royalty. Parker Farnham and Alexis Provenzano were crowned as this school year’s prom prince and princess, while Daniel Ramirez and Karla Diaz were selected to reign as king and queen.

It was a night to remember: to celebrate life and being among friends.