“Spider-Man: No Way Home”: An ode to three generations of Peter Parker

Emily Nuñez

With the love of all the Spider-Man and the constant begging from fans for having all three be in a movie, it finally happened. Each generation grew up with a different Spider-Man and there has always been a constant debate about who is better. But with the recent release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” viewers got to see how different Peter Parker and Spider-Man are in every multiverse. The movie showed very different, yet very unique things about Spider-Man. 

This movie really showed how different their powers came upon each of them. In the lab scene, all three Spider-Men are making a plan to take down the antagonists, and they begin to explain their web fluids to one another. While Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) say they need to refill their web fluid, Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) looks at them in shock. He then explains how it just comes out of him naturally through his body and the two other Spider-Men look at him with disgust.

All three of them have personalized suits for themselves; but before that, they initially went through the stage of having the off-looking DIY suits when they first got their powers. Once they went through the hardships of learning how to balance their normal lives and their superhero lives, they got their official Spider-Man suit. Each suit has very different, yet very unique designs to each one to align and match with each character personally.

Maguire’s Spider-Man suit was more of a light red and navy blue fabric with a “V” shape on his abdomen. Garfield’s Spider-Man suit, had red lining that went straight down the abdomen. Its material is also fabric, yet the colors are different with the color red being light and it being a lighter shade of blue as well. Now Holland’s recent Spider-Man suit, it’s more robotic with the help of Tony Stark. The suit’s eyes were able to adjust to the movement of Holland’s eyes and show emotion with it being more animatronics. At the end of the movie, Holland’s Spider-Man suit changes due to the Stark system not recognizing him due to Dr.Strange’s spell, making people forget who Peter Parker was. He made his own once again and it happened to be the original Spider-Man suit from the comics. 

They had learned a lot of different things as Spider-Man but one thing they collectively learned was that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Right before each of their loved ones dies, they give them each that last piece of advice. This is very important in the movies because it shows them that their duties of keeping people safe can also come with sacrifices.

On that note, with all three Spider-Men coming together in one universe, it’s left with so many predictions and debates about the advancements and characteristics which each Spider-Man holds.