Brianna Luna shares her heart, faith and energy at LQHS


Destiny Penalber

Brianna Luna is the varsity softball coach and physical education teacher at La Quinta High.

Brianna Luna is a P.E. teacher and the varsity softball coach for La Quinta High School. 

She attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help from kindergarten to eighth grade. She then made her way to LQHS, where she graduated in 2011. 

After high school, Luna attended the University of Iowa from 2011 to 2014, where she earned her bachelor’s degree. She began her next journey into Azusa Pacific University from 2018 to 2021, where she got her master’s degree in physical education.

When she was in high school she played two sports: softball and basketball. She started playing softball when she was four years old. 

Luna said that she was a good student and loved sports, especially softball.

“I knew I wanted to start teaching in 2018 when I applied to start my graduate program at Azusa Pacific University,” Luna said.

An interesting fact about Luna is that she has four tattoos: one on her left wrist that is the shape of California and on the right wrist a tattoo of Iowa. The third tattoo is located on her back which is a crescent moon and a crucifix. The final one is around the left side of her ribs. It has a bible verse that says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

Luna said that she is religious and that her tattoos represent her faith. It was also a way to be able to express herself and who she is freely. 

A special interest she has is hiking different trails in the Coachella Valley and loves to watch the sunsets, especially the cotton candy view.

“A place I call home is wherever my family and friends are,” Luna said.

She’s happy to work at La Quinta High School.

“I love creating relationships with the students, and creating a positive atmosphere that they feel comfortable in,”  she said.

One of her colleagues, a fellow P.E. teacher, Anahi Vasquez, had a few things to say about Luna.

“It’s fun [to work with Luna] because we were both athletes at LQHS coming back to teach, and we share a lot and we are both coaches on campus,” said Vasquez. “It is good to share a lot of values and ideas. It is also nice to bounce ideas off of each other.”

Lauren Ortiz, the junior varsity coach for the softball team, works with Luna on the softball field. She added that she admires how much Luna cares about student-athletes. 

“The best part about working with her is being able to work with my best friend and it is the highlight of my day to come out here,” Ortiz said. “Her best personality trait is that she is funny.” 

In all, Luna is enjoying the sense of community she feels among the students and staff.