Editor Goodbye: Hannah Nguyen


Hi, guys! I have been given the opportunity to write a goodbye letter to conclude my time as the co-editor-in-chief for the 2020-2021 school year. Despite the unconventional year we had, I am thankful for the projects and stories we were able to write this year. From features about COVID and our community to class-wide projects, I am excited to see what other projects our class has in store. We have already accomplished so much this year, imagine how much more we could have done had there not been a pandemic?! 

I first and foremost want to thank Ms. Cortez. I appreciate how much care and effort you put into helping us succeed and how passionate you are about our projects and our journalism class. You make sure that our voices are heard, and you give us opportunities to share our ideas and input. You make us feel important and valued and that goes to show how great of a teacher you are. The work you do does not go unnoticed and I am forever thankful to have you as our advisor this year. 

Secondly, I want to thank Mrs. Clifford (the one with the big red dog). Thank you for incentivizing me in wanting to pursue journalism further. Despite you not being able to be our teacher this year, I appreciate the work you did that has prepared us. I miss your chaotic energy in the mornings and our conversations we would have about life. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and I appreciate you! 

Next, I want to thank Sammantha Robledo for being my partner. I would have not wanted to be editor-in-chief with anyone else. We’re like bread and butter, we add flavor to one another, and like Ms. Cortez always says, together we make a HAMM sandwich!!! I am thankful for how close we’ve gotten this year and I will always hold a special place in my heart for the dynamic we have together. I’m going to miss your extroverted energy and your companionship during those times when I needed someone to talk to. Being around you makes me more outgoing and I feel like everyone needs a friend like you to push them outside their comfort zone. My life would be so bland without you, and I am forever grateful for the butter you bring to my bread. 

Lastly, I want to thank Diego Anthony Meza. I will forever cherish our friendship and the bond we developed throughout high school. This year was so much better because of you and Samm. So thank you! Thank you for being our comedic, our therapist, and my alarm at 8 in the morning with those FaceTime calls. 

And finally, I want to thank my classmates for the work you all put in to make this year successful. I am immensely proud of everyone who participated in the Humans of LQHS project and those who put in the extra time to ensure the banners were made. I hope our project will leave an impact on our community and act as a catalyst for spreading empathy and kindness in the world.

A piece of advice I would give you all before this year comes to a close is to make the most out of your high school experience. High school is what you make out of it and how good of an experience you have depends on you. So, have fun! But in whatever you do, remember to always be kind through all of it. Be kind, be you, and make sure to live, laugh, and love. It has been a wonderful time, thank you all, and Ms. Cortez, for making it an experience I will never forget.