La Quinta High welcomes new staff

Gabby McCune, Paper Editor-in-Chief

Not only are there new students to be welcomed to LQHS, but there are also a few new staff members who have joined the Blackhawk nest!

Nine new teachers have come to help teach the students at LQHS in every area. With Mr. Dowdle as the new Choir Director and music teacher, and Ms. Boumpensiero who is new to the English department! They both want to encourage students to take high school very seriously and take into consideration the things you do here, seeing that they have a lasting impact on the rest of your life.

New to the science and health departments areĀ Ms. Bolanos, the new Medical Health teacher for the Medical Health Academy, Ms. Cruz who teaches 11th-grade Biology, and Mr. Ensman who is the new Conceptual Physics teacher. Each of these wonderful teachers advises students to work hard in their classes and to actually think about the things they learn in class, taking note of what will be most valuable later in life.

In our math department, there are two new staff members who are Mr. Beal who teaches Math II and Mr. Chowdhurry who teaches Math I! These new math members would like students to give high school everything they got, no matter the challenges and mistakes you may make.

The Hawkview Newspaper would also like to acknowledge the addition of Ms. May! Good luck to all the new staff members who have joined LQHS this year! May all your students work hard and may you make a lasting impact in their hearts and minds!