The First Day of School!

Hannah Tovar, Reporter

On August 22, 2019, thousands of High School students faced there first day of the new year at La Quinta High School! It was a busy day for everyone. Confusing schedules, hundreds of classes to find, the awkward ice breakers, and the hot humid weather altogether made the first day quite a stressful and chaotic one for everyone there. Although there were definitely many mishaps here and there, the school staff of La Quinta High made it as smooth running as possible!

This year had a few new events before and on the first day of school. Freshmen were given their schedules on the 21st, (one day before school started), at the Freshmen Walk. Freshmen were then able to take a tour of the school grounds during the walk, to get prepared for what’s to come. 

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors went to retrieve their schedules the next day in the morning when the school opened. They were welcomed by the Cheer Team as they waved there pop-poms at them, and the band played various songs.  

The beginning of school was a big day for many, but especially nerve-racking for incoming Freshmen.  Getting lost at La Quinta High is a very easy thing to. It is a huge change from Middle School, where the campus wasn’t as big. There are also so many questions to ask, from classrooms to bathrooms, it was very easy to get confused here. To ease freshmen nerves on being able to find their way around, ASB students were out on campus wearing balloons on their backs that read ‘Ask Me’, to assist newcomers on any of their questions.

As the day continued for everyone at LQHS, students met their new teachers, received their syllabuses, and greeted new classmates, some even making new acquaintances. Teachers, of course, were a huge role on the first day of school. They made their first impressions to the students, gave information about themselves, some even asked for information about there new students. Many went over classroom rules. Teachers voiced their expectations for the year and explained how their grading systems worked. This information provided helped students understand what to expect, so there are no surprises throughout the year.

Students at LQHS have varied opinions on what they enjoy at school. Some student’s favorite thing about school is, (“… the teachers you get”- Joseph ’20). There are also tons of clubs students can get involved in. There you would be able to find other classmates that enjoy the same thing they do. Some things that might be an interest can be (“Choir… the drama club… – Kassandra ’20), Key Club, Writing club, etc. 

Chromebooks were assigned to many students on the first day. The Media Center (or Library), staff explained the consequences if a Chromebook becomes damaged, or if a charger gets lost.

These Chromebooks are very expensive to pay if it has broken, that is why it is advised to be very cautious with Chromebooks. 

LQHS’s first day was an eventful, yet exciting one. We are all hoping to have a great 2020 school year, and many more to come!