The 25th Turkey Bowl

Isabel Alvarez, Reporter

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On November 16, La Quinta High teachers and students played an outstanding game for this year’s Turkey Bowl. The Turkey Bowl has been a tradition at  La Quinta High to connect staff and students in a game of football before Thanksgiving break. The Turkey Bowl has remained a tradition at LQHS since the school first opened and continues to bring joy and fun.

The referee of the 25th Turkey Bowl was PE Coach Mr. Monroy. The star player of the teachers’ team was LQHS varsity football Coach Rivenes. The student side had the advantage of having multiple players from the football team coming to participate, hoping to break the teachers’ long-held winning streak.

Ultimately, the game ended with a final score of 12-0, marking another win for the teachers. Will students finally break the teachers’ winning streak? The answer lies in the hands of next year’s Blackhawks!

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Isabel Alvarez, Reporter

Isabel Alvarez is a reporter for the Hawkview at La Quinta High School. Alvarez likes to play video games and listen to many different kinds of music....

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