Little Women

Gabrielle McCune, Reporter


Starting from a script written by Marisha Chamberlain in 2003, the story Little Women finally graced the stage of LQHS’ theater this year. Performed on November 14th-17th, Little Women is the story of the March sisters- Josephine March (Celeste Cruz (‘19) and Ashley Banks (‘22)), Margaret March ( Trinity Johnson (‘19) and Jordan Souza (‘21)), Beth March (Yessika Aguilar (‘19) and Jaymie Hendricks (‘22)), and Amy March (Kaitlyn Stewart (‘19)  and Katie Armenteros (‘22)). Together, these sisters go through a series of trials as they suffer financial troubles and the loss of their father to the Civil War. They’re clouded by the general belief of a woman and must learn to listen to their hearts, to what they know to be true about themselves, so that they might live the life they’ve always dreamed about.

At the end of the show, Ms. Lydia Weiss, the LQHS theater teacher who conducted the show, was given a round of applause by both the actors and crowd. “To produce Little Women for you tonight is an honor,” Weiss had said. “Being an actor myself, I appreciate the work my students put into the show and appreciate how well they portrayed the story.”

And indeed, these students worked hard.

For weeks the actors and the technical crew worked vigorously to perfect their show and pulled it off beautifully. There wasn’t a line that was forgotten and a smile on each actor’s face unless the occasion called for a shift in mood. One of the main performers, Kaitlyn Stewart, who played Amy March in the second cast, would like to thank Ms. Weiss, saying, “ I am thankful to Ms. Weiss for instructing us to put on the best version of Little Women we could, she helped us make the classic story our own.”

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to prepare for this show and congratulations on a wonderful performance!