Lady Blackhawks on Track to DEL

Miranda Rodriguez, Reporter

The LQHS girls’ basketball team has their sights on winning DEL. Although the majority of the girls are younger, this just means they have more room to grow and get stronger.

Typically, for varsity teams, the majority of the starter players are juniors and seniors, but that’s not the case here. LQHS’ younger players are showcasing their potential as starters. Head Coach Mrs. Viveros says, “We have a sophomore who’s one of our better players. I start a freshman and a sophomore so we’re pretty young [as a team].”

Although having such a young team could be seen as a disadvantage, the coach isn’t worried, saying the girls just “have to learn how to win. They don’t know how to win yet.” For some of the girls, it’s their first time being on varsity so they are still learning what the commitment entails.

Still, the girls are working their hardest to beat their biggest competition, Xavier, and win DEL. Jaelah Butler (‘19) says, “I feel like we’re going to realize our potential and see how great we really can be.”