Culinary Academy honors veterans with luncheon

Attiana Villalobos, Editor

On Thursday Nov. 8, La Quinta High School celebrated Veterans Day with an early luncheon; veterans, police officers, first responders and others in public service came to eat the fall inspired food prepared by the LQHS Culinary Arts students.

LQHS’ culinary students prepared mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, a light salad, turkey, and ham. There was bread pudding and pumpkin pie for dessert. Mason Adams ‘20 recalls, “The meal put together by culinary was pretty good. My favorite side was the mashed potatoes.”  

Other LQHS student groups assisted in making the event a success. ROTC cadets spent the luncheon chatting with the veterans, listening to their war stories, and getting everyday life lessons from the war heroes. The LQHS band and choir performed the National Anthem and the U.S Air Force song as veterans saluted in the background.

Natthan Pacheco ‘20 stated, “It was a neat experience as an ROTC cadet to hear stories that you learn in history by someone who actually lived it.”