Choir Concert

Katie Arias, Photo Editor/News Editor

On Dec. 13, the LQHS Choir sang to a fully packed audience. Every chair in the gym was filled with parents and friends of the performers. Choir director Mr. Austin told the crowd, “I hope you enjoy, we’re going all the way from Bériot to Mariah Carey tonight.”

Choir student Kayla Huynh (‘19) said, “We’ve been rehearsing since the beginning of school. There hasn’t been a time when we’re in class and not practicing.”

LQHS Choir had their initial venue at the LQ theatre, but due to the theater light board not functioning properly, the choir switched their location to LQ’s new gym. Despite this sudden change, the choir performed and received an abundance of applause and standing ovations from the crowd.

Throughout the night, the choir went through a series of set changes in order for every student to sing. Olivia Billingsly (‘19) performed a solo to the song “A Merry Magical.” Another soloist for the night was Kaitlyn Stewart (‘19), who sang “White Christmas.”

The concert ended with the choir singing Mariah Carey’s hit “All I Want for Christmas is you.” As all of the choir students made their way to the stage, Mr. Austin told the audience, “This next song is dedicated to the family members out in the crowd, because all they want for the holidays is you.” The choir was joined with Julian Quinones (‘21) who played the bass, and drummed for their last song.