BROCKHAMPTON redefines the idea of boy bands

BROCKHAMPTON redefines the idea of boy bands

Boy band BROCKHAMPTON performed at Valley View Casino Center for their I’ll Be There tour on Dec. 1. BROCKHAMPTON was formed in San Marcos, Texas back in 2015. They call their group a boy band because they want to redefine the definition of what it means to be one, as the style of music that they create isn’t anywhere near being “pop” like the majority of boy bands out there.

BROCKHAMPTON didn’t have anyone open up their show, so doors didn’t open until 7:30 p.m. for early admission and 8:30 p.m. for general admission. The show started a little after 9 p.m. but before they came out they had a live video of them backstage warning fans in the pit to stay hydrated and drink water. Once the lights dimmed down the crowd began moshing. Luckily, there were seats on the side for people to sit since the pit got intense at times throughout their performance. The crowd was filled with adrenaline, and the group always paused between songs to make sure that everyone was okay.

After they walked off stage, the crowd started yelling  for one more song, and as soon as the crowd heard the voice of Kevin Abstract saying “San Diego are you still there?!” everyone went wild. Abstract continued by yelling into the mic the famous Freddie Mercury “Ay-o” but he added his own twist to it. “Alright now add a G in front of it, now let’s say it again…GHETTO!” Afterwards Abstract said “Now say I’m Gay!” and the crowd said exactly that.

Finally, after Abstract stopped messing around with the crowd the rest of the boys went on stage with a new outfit on and ended the show with their Saturation II song “BOOGIE.”

Once the concert was completely over  the group said their goodbyes to the crowd, everyone was sweaty and exhausted from the jumping, dancing, screaming, and singing. The overall experience was amazing and the feeling I got is so hard to describe because it was like all my worries and problems were washed away. BROCKHAMPTON is definitely a band to see live if you enjoy that intimate feeling with people, music, and performers.