Boys’ Basketball is Shooting for Success

Ariana Alvarez, Sports Editor

Talk about a competitive sport! The LQHS Boys’ Basketball team is bringing their natural talent to the table, hoping to dominate other teams in the league. Isaac Nicholson ‘19 is confident that the team is “pretty solid. We’re young and kind of going with the flow. Hopefully we come out on top.”

These Blackhawks have lost nine teammates since last season to graduation and transfers, most of whom were starting players. “We basically lost the whole [Varsity] team” says Anthony Walker ‘19, but the team is not discouraged.

Many underclassmen have stepped up to the plate as starters and have proven themselves as worthy with every three-pointer and block they make. Nicholson commented on teammate Henry Ramirez ‘20, “when he gets comfortable, he’s a three-point machine. That’s all he does, and it’s nice.”

LQ is ready to prove their strength in DEL this year. Walker shares, “We just need to get on track and start doing what we know we can do, and we’ll get wins.”  These boys already have skill, so the focus right now is defining teamwork. “There are always a few issues on every team and we’ve worked through those issues. Our team chemistry is growing because of it.” says Nicholson.

Look out for games against rivals PDHS and Shadow Hills in the coming weeks.