A Kick-Start to the Season

Alyssa Rimada, Reporter

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This year’s Varsity boys soccer team is aiming to win the DEL championship, still riding high from last year when they made it to CIF semifinals and finished second in DVL. Their goal, as stated by Coach McKee, is to “improve every game, every practice, and always give it [their] best in matches.”

      McKee’s advice to the team, is to “learn from mistakes and stay connected to each other on the field and off of it.” He is proud of the team’s “quality players” and feels they can be successful as long as “they are willing to put the work in.”

Key players include Danny Martinez (19’), Damian Vasquez (19’), and Jonathan Montalvo (19’); as well as their three Senior Captains: Emmanuel Muñoz, Danny Muñoz and Cesar Rodriguez. Manny states he’s looking forward to winning DEL; he states that although he knows the road to success won’t be “easy” he knows the team will “make a good run.”

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Alyssa Rimada, Reporter

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