What’s Up With?!?!!

Kristen Hernandez, Art Editor

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  • What’s up with the White House “forgetting” to announce for all flags to be put at half-staff across the country after the loss of an American hero!? Someone’s a bit grumpy that they didn’t get invited to the funeral. #Shade


  • What’s up with people getting so upset over Ariana Grande’s dress at Aretha Franklin’s funeral? Yes, we get it, dress code infractions are more upsetting to the masses than traveling hands from a bishop. #RestInPeaceQueenOfSoul


  • What’s up with Nicki Minaj getting all worked up on the Ellen show?!!!?!? Listen, you may think your songs are #1, but the charts have spoken. You aren’t Queen this time. Get over it. #WigSnatched


  • What’s up with Don’t Hug me I’m Scared Coming back out of nowhere after two years and hitting number one on trending??!!!!?! If you really think I’m going to torture and make myself prone to nightmares, you are totally correct. #StillWatching


  • What’s up with Halloween Express taking over the empty Toys R Us buildings?!!?? Look, can’t you understand that we are still heartbroken?!!!???! If you think you can cheer us up with cute and scary costumes, then you are so right. #TooSoon


  • What’s up with Apple releasing another iPhone X??? Yes, you maybe be rich enough to put out product after product, but why are you trying to make the rest of us go broke?!!!!?!? Don’t even think about giving us a new phone without an aux port in it. #JustStop


  • What’s up with stores already putting out Christmas stuff?!!!?!?!!! Are you trying to get me hyped up?? Cause it’s not gonna work. I’ve been ready for Christmas since July!!! #GetOnMyLevelCostco!!!!!!!


  • What’s up with the awesome 2018-19 Journalism staff?!!!?!?!? They are so incredible and talented that it makes me want to cry. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  #Blessed
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