Swimming to Success

Ariana Alvarez, Sports Editor

LQHS Boys Water Polo

The LQHS boys’ water polo team has high hopes this season as they work their way to DEL. After three of their starting players graduated, the team has been working twice as hard to stay on top. All of their effort is paying off as these boys gained four victories at the start of their season. After their win against Yucaipa, Jacob Spurgen (‘20) reported that, “Our coach [Coach Lowell] has been training us to fill in the gaps that the previous seniors left us with, and we have been doing pretty good as a team.”

Despite their consecutive success, the swimmers are not getting arrogant too soon in the game. It’s still early in their season and they have a lot of challenges ahead of them in order to win DEL. “Our team is very dynamic but there’s still lots to learn,” Captain Brayden Smith (‘19) says.

This water polo team uses their familiarity with each other to their advantage. “We’re mostly a Junior-Senior team and have been playing with each other for a long time,” Smith adds. Because they’ve known each other for so long, there is a lot of trust between the players and they rely on each other in order to be a strong team. These boys value teamwork and have proven that success is not a result of one player, but of all players communicating and working together in the water.

Let’s wish these boys luck! They have games every Tuesday and Thursday, so make your way to the pool deck after school and show them support.