Shout Out Time!

Ariana Alvarez, Sports Editor

Shout out to Ms. Van Dorn for singing at Senior Sunrise! Remember seniors, “every little thing is gonna be alright!” #inspirational

Shout out to Daniel Leon and the counselors for putting up with the jungle of students in the office! They work hard to help every student to the best of their ability, especially with schedule changes. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Shout out to ASB for, uhhh, EVERYTHING! Let’s make a list: they organized a successful rally on the second day of school, planned Senior Sunrise, set up all of our Spirit Days. On top of that, ASB is already planning Homecoming, parade floats, and prom! 2018-2019 is going to be a school year worth remembering!

Shout out to the fall sports teams! They’ve been working hard all summer to have a successful season. Whether they’re running, swimming, choreographing, or practicing in the gym, these students have sacrificed early summer mornings and hot afternoons. The grind never stops for Blackhawks!

Shout out to Medical Health Academy for organizing another successful Blood Drive! Special thanks to Lifestream for coming in and to every student who donated. Don’t miss out on future donation opportunities here at the school!