Seniors Rise to Start the Year

Katie Arias, Photo Editor/ Editor/ Reporter

At 6 a.m. on Sept. 4, the LQHS class of 2019 arrived on campus for the annual Senior Sunrise. Students made their way to the visitor’s side of the football field and reminisced over their past years together, took photos, and waited to see the sun rise from behind our valley’s mountains.
The event started with senior class president, Dominick Jahnig ‘19, giving the seniors advice on how to approach senior year. “Be involved. This is your senior year and you don’t want to look back on missed times when you could’ve been at a school event with friends. Hang out with one another and make memories”
After Jahnig gave his speech, English teacher, Mr. Collins reminded the senior class of 2019 to hang out with friends as much as possible and go to school events.
Then, Track and Field, and football coach, Mr. Ansley took his queue and recalled his own experience in high school. Ansley reminded the senior class to be great role models for the freshmen and include everyone.
English teacher, Mr. Adler then took front and center to give a heartwarming speech about working hard and believing in yourself.
As the teachers made their closing statements, math teacher Mrs. Van Dorn walked up to the front of the bleachers, guitar in tow, and sang and edited version of Bob Marley’s “Don’t Worry” as a personal message to the senior class. As Van Dorn ended, she received applause and LQHS’ new head of ASB, Ms. Stabenow, read a children’s book to the seniors called “I Wish You More,” receiving an abundance of “awes” from the students.
“I think that was so sweet of her to read our class that, it was so cute,” said Aaliyah Quevedo ‘19.
Stabenow’s closing words were, “In high school I never thought I would be standing here today telling a senior class that you can do anything. Always remember you can, and will, do anything you set out to do.”
Senior Sunrise ended with students being dismissed to wait in line for bagels, and taking pictures with fellow classmates to capture the memories made.