LQHS Color Guard Starts The Year Off Fresh

Miranda Muir, Reporter

Photo by Miranda Muir

For 25 years, Color Guard has been actively entertaining LQHS students at rallies and football games. With many members in a single routine at a time, Color Guard is an activity for those who are very strong-willed. Their routines include anything from flags, rifles, and even sabers. As intricate as their performances can be, have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on the color guard team?

The Co-Captain of the team, Anevay Martinez (‘20) explains that being on color guard consists of two seasons, fall and winter, with the former being higher-stakes  “During [the fall] season we perform at the football games with the band and then we have competitions at different schools in the valley.” Martinez feels that even though the teams are similar in ability and dedication every year, the biggest setback ahead of every competitive season is the loss of the seniors. Color guard still has high hopes of getting first place during the competitive season, even without the seniors. “The season is starting out really well so I hope it continues like this the rest of the year [and] into [the] winter season,” Martinez explains. “During winter season it is just [non-competitive] color guard and we go out of town for most of our shows,”.

Besides gaining new color guard members, this is also the first year LQHS has added two new feature twirlers, Dallas Ingle (‘22) and Vivian Szolcsanyi (‘22). They both have been twirling for about nine years and competitively for about eight.  “Ever since I started, I have known that I wanted to feature twirl for my high school and college in the future,” Ingle commented. She also explained that being a baton twirler is not common in the valley and many people have never seen one before. This leads students to be in awe over “…the littlest tricks.” Although Ingle and Szolcsanyi have been seen as a phenomenon, they are very thankful for the acceptance they have received from both the band and color guard team.

Colorguard is no longer offered as a class, but students interested in joining the after-school team should look out for tryouts at the end of this school year. Gaining a spot on the team means you will have the opportunity to perform multiple times for, and in representation of, LQHS.