A Message From Your New ASB Presidents

Laila Khan , Ad Editor

Katie Arias
Laila Khan (left) Emily Maize (right)

Welcome to a new school year Blackhawks! We are so excited for the spirit we have this year. Our first rally was extremely fun and we were so happy to see all the spirit, and especially how we carried it over to the football game that night! This year we want to focus on keeping the spirit up for the entire year, for all activities going on in our school. We encourage everyone to participate in a club and to get involved, it is so cool to have spirit. The birdcage is doing amazing with keeping the spirit up. Some activities we have going on are the Martha’s Village and Kitchen food drive, we have a bin in the front office and one by the ASB room, PACK THE VAN, we also have the Coin Wars going on, we hope everyone is getting as involved as they can and joining as many clubs as they can. The school is celebrating its 25th anniversary so this is a really special year to celebrate those who have been here this whole time and of course with all those who are new to our school. We are so glad to have so many new freshmen participating, make sure to go to homecoming and also the parade in Old Town, it is going to be big to celebrate our 25 year anniversary. We hope to keep the spirit high for all sports, even after football season.