The desert isn’t that boring!

If you’re like most teens who live in the desert during the summer holiday, you know that it can get a tad boring, and you can’t forget, blazing hot. The weather causes most to stay indoors, which means an eventful summer can feel far out of reach. However, I’m about to share with you some things you can do in our beautiful valley that has little to no cost, and will hopefully get you off your phone and out of bed binge-watching Netflix so that you can have a memorable summer! (Don’t worry, I’ve kept the Westfield Mall and movie theaters OUT of here.)

1) Let’s paint!

This is more on the pricier end, but at $30, you can participate in a teen paint class happening on Friday, June 15 at Old Town La Quinta Artisan Studios from 6 to 9 p.m. You can sign up at There’s limited seating; so hurry, grab your friends, and paint!

2) StarGazing in the Desert!

It’s not always ideal to go and do something during the day when temperatures soar to 110 degrees Fahrenheit or higher; so, why not venture out at night? The Astronomical Society of the Desert holds stargazing events for all ages so you, your family, and friends can enjoy. You don’t need a fancy telescope to attend, as they provide them and the giant binoculars to you. Each event is held at different locations in the far desert where it is likely to get cold. It sounds odd, but I’m not lying, their website even suggests to dress warmly. For more information and directions, go to

3) Go to Gré! Go!

If you love really good coffee, take a visit to Gré Coffee House and Art Studio. It’s a hole-in-the-wall that hosts game nights, spoken word, open mics, film screenings. They also provide open library, typewriter, and a record player for anyone to use. It’s basically a hipster’s dream! They display local artists’ work as well. This little coffee shop holds many more events, and to knowwhat is happening when, visit their website at You can find them at 278-C Palm Canyon Drive, across the street from the Hyatt, hidden in the Henry Frank Arcade.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe, folks! I sincerely hope you check these cool places out and find interest in them. Let us know how your experiences went by leaving your comments below! 

Illustrations by Mlen Azurin.