Interim AP: Ann Reinhagen

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Ms. Ann Reinhagen, an interim administrator, has been “subbing” for Dr. Woods, one of the assistant principals at La Quinta High, while she is out on leave. While at LQHS, Reignhegen spends her time assisting students who need help in any classes, as well as mentoring and supporting new teachers.

Prior to retiring in 2015, Reinhagen was a teacher, a mentor, a principal, and an assistant superintendent at two different schools: one here in the Coachella Valley and one in the Bay Area.

Home to Reinhagen is Burlington, Mass., where she taught remedial reading for elementary-aged students for 15 years. “My mom and dad were teachers,” Reinhagen said. “I think this field of work chose me.”

Upon Dr. Woods’ return to LQHS, Reinhagen will begin her fourth retirement.