Blackhawks elect 2018-2019 ASB board

Emily Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

ASB elections were held in late April; however, this year’s executive board hopefuls all ran unopposed. Therefore, the co-executive presidents for next school year are Laila Khan ‘19 and Emily Maize ‘19.

“We’re working on development days. We have a lot of new ideas for ASB, as well as the school. [We want] clubs and different parts of the school to be included in rallies. We want to emphasize that a lot,” Maize expressed.

Continually finishing each other’s sentences as they spoke about their partnership for next year, Khan and Maize shared, “Our personalities are the same but also completely different, we balance each other out. If one of us gets off topic we pull each other back in.”

The rest of the executive board positions will be held by Viannet Villegas ‘19 as executive vice president, Joshua Rom-Toribio ‘19 as executive treasurer, and Jackie Perez ‘19 as executive secretary.

Class elections began in early May. The senior class board for next year consists of Dominick Jahnig as president, Johanne Mendoza as vice president, Brenda Casillas and Alexxa Caudillo as treasurers, and Litzy Lopez as secretary.

The junior class officers will be Joyce Henein as president, Ramiah Lucas as vice president, Halle Carter as treasurer, and Valerie Cruz as secretary. Sophomores will be represented by Lupita Jimenez as president, Michelle Salas as vice president, Nina Martin as treasurer, and Itzani Aceves as secretary. The freshman class board will be selected at the beginning of the next school year.

ASB works to represent the students of LQHS and plan events such as prom and rallies, to make student life on campus more enjoyable.