My Recent Interest in Photography

Mia Gonzalez/Hawkview

Toward the beginning of the year, I felt the sudden urge to take photos of my nearby surroundings. I would say that I had been interested in photography for the past year; however, I didn’t start trying it until recently.

My main influence for getting into photography was partly because of journalism. We had done, I believe, two photo assignments that practiced certain photo techniques. Of the main photo techniques, I would say I like using the rule of thirds, selective focus, and linear perspective. When I was doing the assignments, I found myself spending way too much time using these techniques, trying to get a perfect shot of either random objects in my room or my cat (who was a pain for getting a perfect picture). However, spending too much time on what should’ve been two quick and easy assignments clearly showed that I was enjoying taking photos and more importantly, was having fun.  

Quickly after we did these two assignments, I started taking pictures of the environment and my surroundings as I walked to school and back home after school. However, I hadn’t taken as many photos as I hoped I would by now.

Instead, I have been putting my photography skills to the test in video games by taking computer screenshots. This, in my opinion, has been more fun for me and also perhaps more interesting to experiment with than performing actual photography. It also has been easier to get into since I already love video games. Using the same techniques that I had used in the assignments, I have managed to take over 100 screenshots so far in a few video games. I am quite proud of most of them!

Most people who know me know that I’m not a talkative person. In most cases, I’d rather just be alone and not have to talk to anyone. The more and more I get involved with photography, either in video games or in real life (for lack of a better term), the more I continually realize how much photography is for a person like me: someone who can show how talented they are without having to actually speak or interact with anyone. The same goes for writing, another activity I like doing and am good at. Hopefully, the following photos can give you the inspiration to take great photos of your own. Enjoy!