May’s What’s Up With?!?! Coachella Edition

May's What’s Up With?!?! Coachella Edition

Mia Gonzalez/Hawkview

Mariana Escatell, Editor-in-Chief

  • What’s up with lemonade being $9?!?!? Yeah, it was extremely pricey, but that didn’t stop me from buying four cups of it…
  • What’s up with there constantly being a long line to get into the colorful art exhibit?!?! We get it, you want your cute Insta pic, but why spend two hours waiting in line?!!
  • What’s up with people who literally waited from 12:30 a.m. to get good spots for Beyonce?! Pleeeeeeease spend nearly $500 to see one person all day… we aren’t judging.
  • What’s up with the set-up of the Sahara tent this year?!? I almost got trampled trying to get into Post Malone. Does Goldenvoice not care about the people?!!!
  • What’s up with the festival being made waaaaay bigger this year?!! First of all, I don’t need EVEN MORE blisters from walking around and being stepped on all day. Second of all, it’s been the same set up for the past four years. We don’t need change!!
  • What’s up with the couple from Indiana who took wedding pictures at Coachella?!!! Really…?!
  • What’s up with the two girls from LQ getting front row for The Weeknd, getting on the livestream, and not knowing the words…?! How you gonna get front row for an artist you don’t even know?!
  • What’s up with the yodeling boy being brought out so many times?!! Who thought it was a good idea to invite him? And most importantly… why?!